Men League 40+ over

Ways To Register:

Team Fee – Captain Control

If you want to be in control of your team fees as the captain and control the amount that each player is going to pay, then select this. This is $985 for 10 players. Additional players are $100 per player. 

Create a Team
If you want to captain a new team then click the “Create a New Team” registration button and pay the full $125.  Next, have your players click the “Register With a New Team” button and add themselves to your team.  You will only be responsible for your fee.  If you do not fill your roster with at least 9 players, any remaining available spots on your roster will be filled by the house of champion.  See rules for details.  

Join Your Captain’s Team
If you are a player trying to join an already created team then click the “Register for a team,” button and select the team you want to join and pay your fee.

Find a Team
If you are not part of any teams and want to join our leagues then click “Individual” and register yourself and we will find a team for you.  We will contact you within three business days

$5 covid fee

Partial payments allowed: 
Team Fee – $675
$337.50 due at registration on one card, $337.50 automatically charged on week 4

Individual Payment – $80
$40 due at registration, $40 automatically charged on week 4
9 player minimum, 15 player maximum

Guaranteed 7 game season!!